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Eran Shine is an expert dog trainer and behavior modification specialist. From Kennels in Israel to the streets of Los Angeles, Eran has trained dogs for military application, agility, search & rescue, detection, service dogs, and basic manners.

Currently, Eran conducts private, in-home trainings all over Southern California using his own personalized relationship based approach. He is also a trainer at Westside German Shepherd Rescue located in Downtown LA, one of the largest specialized rescues in the world.


1. Understanding the dog’s behavior in relation to the environment and the circumstances. Understanding his/her basic tendencies and thought process.

2. Learning techniques that allow you to nurture your dog to be able to be comfortable in their own skin, which allows them to make good choices through positive reinforcement, as opposed to depriving, dominating them through force, or minimizing their intelligence with the use of treats, which are common practices amongst dog trainers.

Behavioral Concept

The modern dog was created to look up to a person as a parent, to live within structure, and be more human-like. The main differences between domesticated dogs and wild animals is their ability to maintain self control, develop their own identity, and make simple, positive choices at the same level of a toddler. The modern dog is a sophisticated being who has the ability and yearning to relate and communicate with us as a human companion and family member.

Behavioral Approach Theory

Always Be Nice to Your Dog!

Being nice to your dog is an invitation for him/her to behave positively. While teaching your dog to make the right choices, as the parent (owner), you should be playful and welcoming. Any conflict/confrontation that arises between you and the dog, generally has the opposite effect of the goal.

Example: If your dog jumps on you- “dominating” behavior- and you push him down, in most cases, he’ll jump on you even more.

Example: If your dog is playing with one of your socks and you attempt to pull the sock from his/her mouth, they pull even harder away from you, because someone has to win (dominate the other) in “tug-of-war”


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